Some vignettes on Julie's sense of style.


In the 80s a vintage clothing shop owner set aside Victorian clothes just for Julie because she was so petite and they fit her so well. Julie could wear things nobody else wore and were more than out of the ordinary.

Julie made it a point to buy interesting shoes every time she traveled. She had London Shoes, Amsterdam Shoes, Zurich shoes. Each pair told a story.

Living in San Francisco and Oakland Julie found a good backdrop for her shoes and took many photos of her favorite Rick Owens, Marsèll and Rundholz shoes.



Julie had a Ziggy Stardust phase. She cut her hair short, died it orange with a blonde spot an inch wide and a few inches long in the center of her forehead where her hairline started.

Time Tunnel and L'Usine

Julie had a tough time with hair salons in Geneva. They all gave her conservative cuts. "Too French" she said. So she found a place in Zurich called Time Tunnel, which is a combination 60s antique shop and hair salon. Perfection! No more fru-fru, and interesting angles.

Zurich is a three hour car or train ride away. For a haircut. She did the trip 3-4 times until one day she arrived late. Heartbroken she returned to Geneva and finally found the real underground of Geneva. A group of folks had taken over a derelict power plant on the river and created arts spaces, a bar, a CD store and... a hair salon!

This was L'Usine (the factory). The Salon was Le Cheveu sur la Soupe (the hair in the soup). She makes an appointment, gets there and finds a quiet fellow sweeping the floor. He's extolling how happy he is to have a new broom. He then goes next door to the bar, serves himself a shot of vodka and delivers a cut she loved.

We later found that the stylist was part of a group of Marilyn Monroe impersonators and he took the time to hang out and show us his wigs and costuming.


Around 1995 after a visit to the Hair Police Julie found Tatu's by Koré and loved the way she used colors and that she only did custom work.

She chose Pan as her imagery.

In 2000 Paul and Julie had to choose a personal domain name for their email and web site. Inuus (a Roman version of Pan) was used. To this day the server that runs that domain is named Mirth.

An early website using imagery from the tattoo can be seen here.