Music was always a passion for Julie and played a central role in her life.

At age 10 Julie, her mom and aunt Pat took guitar lessons from a young man in a neighboring town who was blind but very talented.

After several lessons Pat and Julie performed "Michael Row Your Boat" to acclaim.

Music was always part of her life. When camping in the evening you could find her around the campfire with guitars and singing.

A Mixtape from the early 80s containing music from the Suburbs, David Bowie, The Clash, Warren Zevon, Neil Young and the Psychadelic Furs.

From Julie, to her brother John.

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In 1992, Julie and Paul were in the crowd for KTCA's Showcase. Julie had previously attended the taping of Trip Shakespeare in 1991. 1992 had the Gear Daddies, Soul Asylum and the Jayhawks. A few fragments are on Youtube.

The Sycamores

One of Julie's favorite bands of the early 90s roots-revival was The Sycamores. Their lyrics featured in a number of her email signatures and it was what her husband played as she passed.

Favorite Songs included Sing Angel, Stupid Waste and Red Wing Boots.

A selection of 1st Avenue ticket stubs by some favorite bands 1991-1997...

  • Run Westy Run
  • The Cows
  • Arcwelder
  • Babes in Toyland

Radio Free Current airs every Saturday from 7-11pm on The Current, playing only listener requests.

Julie was a frequent listener and she emailed/tweeted a number of gems that you can find on this playlist ranging from Patsy Cline to Doomtree.

Summer Festivals

While in Geneva there were good shows to be had nearby. Gurtenfestival had Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and a bunch others.

Montreux Jazz Festival was just across the lake and was well attended with Kronos Quartet, the Boom, and much more.

Some favorite Minnesota Music, circa 2015

  1. Favorite Thing - The Replacements
  2. Daydream - Arcwelder
  3. Stop the Winter - Trip Shakespeare
  4. Skyline Bridge - Sycamores The Wonsers
  5. Kiss the Night - Run Westy Run
  6. Wait So Long - Trampled By Turtles
  7. Spring Came - The Suburbs

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In 2005 Julie created Playlists for the car iPod:

  • Minnesota Music (TBD)
  • Favorites (TBD)

Starting in 2011, she started Google Play Music. You can access them directly from Play Music


  1. Doomtree (895)
  2. P.O.S. (756)
  3. Astronautilus (551)
  4. Dessa (499)
  5. The Replacements (480)
  6. Sims (395)
  7. Lazerbeak (344)
  8. Guante & Big Cats (318)
  9. Cecil Otter (307)
  10. Paper Tiger (272)
  11. Mixed Blood Majority (256)
  12. Nirvana (248)
  13. Heiruspecs (240)
  14. Mike Mictlan (210)
  15. Four Fists (190)

Doomtree and the song "Marathon" became a soundtrack for the roller coaster of cancer treatments. It was played for the port surgery and during radiation therapy.

Top SONGS 2019

  1. Trouble Hunters - Astronautalis
  2. Beauty - Cecil Otter
  3. The Kill In Me - P.O.S
  4. Final Boss - Doomtree
  5. Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered) - P.O.S
  6. Mighty Jungle - Lazerbeak
  7. Marathon - Doomtree
  8. Coup For The Kings - Doomtree
  9. Voltaire - Sims
  10. Gray Duck - Doomtree
  11. Boxcar Diaries - Cecil Otter
  12. Birds & Earthworms - Sims
  13. Badlands - Sims
  14. Sufficiently Breathless - Cecil Otter
  15. Please Go - Four Fists

A lot of this came from a "I'm Feeling Lucky" playlist on Google Play Music. We never figured out why it always played Astronautalis instead of the Four Fists track where he's paired with P.O.S.

Full Playlist ๐Ÿ”ˆ (also on Spotify)