At an early age Julie took to animals. Rescuing Bunnies and caring for animals in need. Here are some of the companions over the years.


Childhood dogs included Buff, Corky, Sam, Boots, Cricket, and Clyde.

Corky was a Wire Haired Fox Terrior. Just like Asta in one Julie's favorite old mystery movies "The Thin Man".

Corky would always walk across the street to meet Julie after School. Until one day the Dog Catcher grabbed him. They asked him if he was going all over or just the ones easiest to catch. Julie went to the pound and found he was the only one there.


Sister to Doc with a distinct meow.

World traveler.


Brother of Gordo. Lost use of his hind legs, but that never stopped him.

Also world traveler.


Wise old Boz. A very large cat that always squeezed into the smallest baskets.


Petite and lovable. Found in a hallway in St. Paul.

Mr Casper

Adopted from the Milo Foundation, passed away in April 2008.


Tommy, adopted 2004 from Pets Unlimited in San Francisco, passed Oct 21, 2014

When adopted he had trouble walking. It turned out it was a problem in his joints. A surgery made him all better.

Photographed by Amanda Jones in 2006 and appears in "A Breed Apart".

Had a fan club at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and his favorite cafe was The Butler and the Chef where he always greeted with a happy howl!


Adopted November 2014 from Copper's Dream Rescue.

Orginally from a ranch in Red Bluff, California we think he flunked his sheep guarding duties.

Gus is known for his epic drool, he is very sweet and likes to sit on the sofa next to you. He has taken over Farmers Market duties and can be found there every Saturday asking for belly rubs.