Julie and Paul kept almost all of the email they sent between each other. Here are some interesting things extracted from the huge archive.


The first available public email found in the USENET Archives is a list of loved 1991 films.

Displayed as it was seen back then in in 80 columns text.

Early CINEMA-L Posting, 1992


Julie and Paul met over email. Here's a reproduction display of the actual messages from back then on an amber display. Read on for the "rest of the story"

The "Elm" Mailer

In January of 1992 both Julie and Paul joined and sent a few messages to a mailing list all about Grunge music named GRUNGE-L run by "Rockin Jon". On the 8th of January Paul sent Julie this message:

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 13:04:43 CSTTo: jflucast@oa.stkate.eduSubject: Local Grungy people
Hey, are there any other people from Minnesota besides you and myselfon the wonderful grunge-l mailing list?
I'm always interested in putting a face onto an e-mail address. I'llprobably be at the Babes in Toyland Show saturday, and the Local Bandshowcase on Monday.
-- | Paul Lindner | | "You have to Spit | | Computer & Information Services | to See the Shine" -- | Gopher Dude | University of Minnesota | Babes in Toyland///// / / / /////// / / / / / / / / //// / / / / / / / /

Note the snazzy signature with song lyrics coming from a random person on the internet. The world was a more trusting place then.

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1992 18:40:05 -0600 (CST)From: JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDUTo: lindner@boomboxSubject: local grungy types
There is one other Minnesotan on the list that I know of, he's in Rochesterat Mayo.
I'm not going to the Babes in Toyland show for sure. I may be going to thenew band showcase though. I'd be interested. Friday I have invites toUnrest and Farm Accident I've not seen either band so don't know what I'lldo yet. Any input on either band?
Later. I tried to send this once before but we had a timeout while I was inthe process of writing the message, so who knows what you got if anything.

******************************************************************************* Julie Lucast * Sometimes I swear I need a drink, sometimes ** College of St. Catherine * I swear to God I just don't stop to think. ** St. Paul, Minnesota * _Gear Daddies_ *******************************************************************************

Paul responded with his take on Farm Accident. (Much of which is sadly out of print now) and a lament about no one being interested in going to shows.

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 92 18:54:20 CSTTo: JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDUSubject: Re: local grungy types
>From the farthest reaches of the net, JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDU said:[.....]
I've seen Farm Accident. They're pretty good. Many of their songshave thay folksy/country feel. They do a really neat sing-a-longcalled "Kill the Klansmen". They also have a song called simply "FarmAccident" which is also really good.
I think they're a five piece, Standup bass, female vocalist,harmonicas..... They're quite talented musically.
I saw them at the Cabooze about a month ago.
As for Unrest, I haven't heard of or about them.
BTW, for monday I've got discount passes ($1 as opposed to $5). Idon't really know anyone else who wants to go around here these parts

And Julie's response (as indented text)

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1992 19:23:37 -0600 (CST)From: JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDUTo: lindner@boomboxSubject: thanks for the info
[..trimmed farm accident converstaion...]
Thanks for the info, they don't sound too bad. They're at the Cabooze again with, I believe, the Idlewilds opening.
As for Unrest, I haven't heard of or about them. I don't know much about them either, my friend said they're pretty thrash-y.
BTW, for monday I've got discount passes ($1 as opposed to $5). Idon't really know anyone else who wants to go around here these parts I don't think I have discount passes for this one, I did for the last two, if you don't have any other takers I'd certainly be interested. I spent so much money on shows in December that I can use any and all discounts available.
Did you go to the benefit show for Dave Biljan last Friday? It was a great show but I'm still recovering from the amount of irish beer I consumed.

Followed by an offer to meet:

Subject: Re: thanks for the infoDate: Thu, 9 Jan 92 17:32:34 CST
The second pass is yours for the taking. I don't know how I'll spotyou out in a crowd though... We could probably meet someplace firstand then head out to 1st Ave.

And in the interests of brevity a quoted response to a response and how to find each other in a crowd. Includes a list of bands that have faded away. The Blue Up? and Ana Voog were big for a while, and the Carpetbaggers had a good local go of it. The most successful was the one neither of them liked: Dumpster Juice.

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 17:34:55 CSTTo: JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDUSubject: Re: New Band Showcase
>From the closest reaches of the net, JFLUCAST@OA.STKATE.EDU said:.. For the new band showcase, if you want to meet up somewhere first how about. a bar downtown close-ish to 1st Ave. I think I'm going to be cabbing down. so that would be easiest. Any suggestions as to the bar? I don't come to. campus as a rule on Monday, but I'll stop by to read my mail.
How about Gluecks? We can have some Buffalo Wings before we hit theshow.
BTW heres a list of the bands that will be at the show:
Nixon PupilsPeeling WheelieThe Blue Up?KlangMonster ZeroDumpster JuiceWillis Smoked a GuyLeafy Green ThinksCarpetbaggersJim
. Oh yeah, just to make things a tad easier for you a brief description.. 5'4", blue eyes, brown hair (straight, side part, jaw length, fair skinned.
Okay my turn: 6', blue eyes, brown hair (not straight, but not curly,side part, almost shoulder length in back, shorter in front) blackwire frame glasses. No hair on my face. ~185 lbs.
I'll probably be wearing a Black Leather Jacket, Flannel shirt, &Jeans.... (Yes the official Minnesota rock concert uniform :-)
You can call me at work on monday if you want... 626-7488.
. Well, gotta go polish up my cowboy boots for tonight. Later

2000 more messages were sent that year between them as they dated, moved in together, got married, and saw a ton of music.

** partial GRUNGE-L archives are out there and the remaining folks can still be found on a Facebook group.

Julie's Email Signatures

Your email signature was how you presented yourself to the world. Julie used poetry and song lyrics to great effect.

******************************************************************************* Julie Lucast * Sometimes I swear I need a drink, sometimes ** College of St. Catherine * I swear to God I just don't stop to think. ** St. Paul, Minnesota * _Gear Daddies_ *******************************************************************************
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.plan Files

The unix finger command displayed information about a user. You could customize it with a file in your home directory. When they got engaged they both changed their .plan files to "announce" it.

mudhoney# finger julieLogin name: julie In real life: Julie LucastDirectory: /home/mudhoney/julie Shell: /usr/local/bin/tcshOn since Mar 9 16:56:16 on ttyp2 2 minutes 3 seconds Idle TimeNo unread mailPlan:
To live happily ever after! With Paul!

Other .plan files are lost to the limits of time, but around 2000 this was the one Julie used:

The Scarlatti Tilt
by Richard Brautigan

"It's very hard to live in a studio apartment in San Jose with a man who's learning to play the violin." That's what she told the police when she handed them the empty revolver.