Art & Design

Julie had a great eye and was always finding unique and fabulous things.

Rock N' ROLL Photography

Over the years Julie collected a number of photo prints that reflected her musical tastes. She most certainly was at a Prince show when he appeared as seen below. Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and P.O.S. were both favorites. (Mick Jagger Photo coming soon..)

Prince by Laura Levine
In Context with Pia Wallen necklace and ceramic two-headed dog.
P.O.S. by Isaac Gale
Kurt Cobain by Mark Seliger
Kurt Cobain's Shoe by Geoff Moore
Keith Richards "Patience Please" by Ethan Russell 1972

This Erró painting on metal was a particular favorite find. It's heavy!

Julie was a fan of Tord Boontje's work. Specifically laser cut silk and metal. One of his wall hangings has been in constant display, as has a light bulb wrap (which also was an early profile photo..)

While in Geneva Julie acquired a set of wire cubes and chairs designed by Verner Panton. The cubes were from the 70s, rare, and always a favorite. A simple set of clips allows you to reposition them in many positions. Later on a reflective poster for Panton "SteelStyle" was found and framed.


Living in Geneva Julie was introduced to the art of Referendum posters. Swiss referendums are common and culturally relevant. This poster was also personally relevant, as Julie and Paul would often go to the Bains des Paquis to relax on the water. The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has a really good article about this piece.

Poster in Bedroom with Wedding Dress and magazine stool

Murals and Street Art

Discovering bits of art on a sidewalk or on a building in the Bay Area was always a joy. Julie captured a lot of these. Some by chance, and some by going to specific places in the Mission like Clarion Alley.