Julie Lindner

1959 - 2019

Julie passed away on December 12th, 2019 peacefully in her Oakland home. One of her favorite Sycamores songs was playing, softly. Her loving husband Paul and dog Gus were at her side. A five year struggle with metastatic breast cancer took Julie’s life, and at first, all her hair. Undefeatable, it grew back more beautiful than before, just like one of her favorite poems:

I want your hair

to cover me with maps

of new places,

so everywhere I go

will be as beautiful

as your hair

–Richard Brautigan

Poem Map Shower From "The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster", used with permission.

Julie was born on August 13,1959 in Mantorville, Minnesota to Allen and Yoma Colburn. She enjoyed a childhood of reading books, climbing trees, rescuing bunnies, petting horses, and riding bikes. A natural explorer, you’d find her up north camping and on cross-country road trips to Yosemite, Yellowstone and other places of natural beauty.

In 1977 she graduated Kasson-Mantorville High School. She went on to explore her love of Russian Literature at Mankato State University, the University of Minnesota and the College of St. Catherine. She was married to her first husband Sam Lucast and would turn heads in her distinctive Victorian garb.

Having landed in Minneapolis she immersed herself in the local art and music scene, lived in Uptown and followed the burgeoning career of Prince. Always a friend of animals in need Julie rescued her beloved kittens Doc and Gordo, found Peach on her doorstep and adopted the elder angora Boz.

In 1992 she married Paul Lindner, having met on an email list devoted to “Grunge” music six months prior. After meeting at a First Avenue New Band Showcase they could be found regularly at The Uptown, 7th St Entry, the 400 Bar and other venues sharing their passion for local music. In between shows Julie expertly restored their craftsman house in Southeast Minneapolis.

Over the next few years Julie explored the world. Multiple trips to Ecuador found her hiking the Andes and dancing on bartops. With her cats stowed in carry-on she started a life in Geneva, Switzerland enjoying summer festivals, Montreux Jazz and modern design. A glass of wine, fondue, and shows at L’Usine became the norm.

Arriving in San Francisco in 1999 Julie embraced the industrial live-work aesthetic at her new home in the Lighthouse Lofts. Her passion for local organic food and agriculture would find her at Farmers Markets and dining al-fresco with her adopted Great Pyrenees Tommy.

After 10 years in San Francisco she made the trip across the bay to a tranquil, midcentury-modern house in the Oakland Hills. Julie tastefully restored the house and filled it with her own unique, quirky, minimal style. Dogs Tommy, and then Gus, became fast friends with the deer, wild turkeys and neighbor cats.

In 2015, Julie was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Through the treatments she focused on spending quality time with family and friends. She took trips to Palm Springs where she enjoyed the warm weather, modern design and tennis tournaments.

Despite the side effects she managed to reunite multiple dogs with their owners, sponsored the Milo Horse Sanctuary, and made sure abused animals got the surgery they needed.

Julie always kept her connection to the Minnesota music scene and loved the new wave of conscious hip-hop personified by Doomtree, P.O.S, and Dessa. To the end she never missed their live shows.

Julie at home in her Doomtree T-Shirt

Julie is survived by her husband Paul, her parents Al and Yoma, her brother John and aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends and family too numerous to list but not forgotten.

Instead of flowers Julie would want you to support your local live music or arts venue and the artists they serve. Donations should go to your local animal rescue group or metastatic breast cancer organizations like METAvivor and Breast Cancer Action.